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Our Labs

Our roots are Indian and focus is global thus enabling us to build world class products which are helping in building a smarter and better future by providing the power of information in hands of the common man. We convert problems into opportunities and products into an experience at our labs.

  • Noida Development Center

    Noida development center was established in June 2011 for opening yet another chapter in the transformation journey of HCL Infosystems.

    At HCL R&D Noida we believe innovation is the key to stay ahead in the market. Since NDC’s inception in the year 2011, we have taken huge strides in the field of mobile technology. We believe in creating solutions which address the global issues like effective delivery solutions, managing manpower, streamlining processes to reduce operation cost, delivery of information in regional languages and making education interactive and wholesome. 

    • Centre is responsible for research in mobility products including Tablet PCs and appliances
    • Carries out research leading to development of technologies to enhance mobile computing experience and create new usage models of Tablet PCs
    • Research in UI, Apps and OS for HCL ME Tablet PCs
    • Design and development of UI, Apps and OS for HCL ME Tablet PCs
    Technology Focus Areas
    • Embedded OS Development
    • Multimedia Codecs 
    • User Interface / Man-Machine interaction
    • Communication protocols covering GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 
    • Embedded Apps Development
    • Android Apps Development
    • Linux Driver development
    • Multimedia Support
    • Flash, Audio/video Streaming, 
    • User interaction design
    • Support for GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • Enterprise Mobility Products and Services development
    • Mobile device management.
    • Apps supporting Cross Platforms
  • Jaipur Development Center
    • Jaipur development center was established in May 2008 with an idea to use extensive experience in working under multiple platforms
    • Our expertise extends beyond technical. A wide experience in business computing coupled with emphasis on software engineering processes has led to a high success rate in completion of projects.
    • Carrying out research leading to development of products and to cater to the emerging needs of sectors like:
    • Banking -
      • ​for Financial Inclusion
      • for Cooperative sector
      • for MIS
    • Cloud
    • e-Governance
    • Education
  • Chennai Development Center
    • Started in 1988
    • Specializes in Embedded System and Hardware Technology
    • Outcome of research has led to development of products for Banks, Educational Institutions, e-Governance projects, utilities etc.
    • Edge at Designing & Developing:
    • Range of Thinclient
    • Medical device interface cables
    • Display for ATM with UL, FCC DoC, CE, MPR-II and CCC certifications
    • Power distribution box for industrial control panels with UL 508A standards
    • Hand held terminals for emerging needs of e-Governance, banking, financial inclusion etc.
    • Self service terminals such as ATVM’s, utility payment kiosks, cash dispensers etc.
    Core competencies
    • ARM 9/ Cortex A8 based Board Design skills
    • Microcontroller based designs
    • Linux kernel porting to ARM and x86 Platforms
    • Windows CE/XPe/ 2009 porting to x86 based motherboards
    • Application porting (Firefox, Open Office etc) on Linux
    • UI developments
    • Power supply design with battery backup support
    • Multilayer PCB design
    • Sheet metal enclosure design
    • ID design / out sourcing
    • Supporting BOSS consortium for Indian Language Technology
    • Products developed using GIST Technology Transfer from CDAC
    • Reliability, Serviceability & Manufacturability engineering
    • Product Certifications for International Standards (FCC / UL / IEC standards) 
    • IEC 61xxx standards, CISPR11, CISPR22 for EMI/EMC and Safety
    • VESA standards for Display
    • IEEE 802.X, RS232, USB1.1
    • IPC-M-106 for PCB Design
    • SEMI Standards for Power Distribution and Ergonomics
    • CUSS standard for KIOSK
    • UL60950, UL508A
    • QM333 for Telecom
    • ISO Biometric Standards – 19794-2, 19794-4, 19794-5, 19794-6
    • Smart Card Standards – ISO 7816, ISO14443 -1,2,3,4


  • Puducherry Development Center
    • Carrying out research leading to development of products that help enhance computing experience and create new usage models of servers, laptops, desktops and HCL HPC Suite and to cater to the emerging needs of various sectors like Telecom and Infrastructure management, banking etc.
    • Research & Development of products on IP and Telecom Management, Embedded HHT S/W (for Financial Inclusion) based on HCL Handheld, HPC, Value Added Software, Desktop and Server Management Software, Backup Software etc.
    • Research activity for Product Development to Verticals like Telecom, IT Infrastructure, BFSI, e-Gov and also for all our main stream products like Desktops, Laptops & Servers
    Core competencies
    • Domain: Infra and Telecom Management, Embedded Systems, Smart Card, HPC, Biometric, BFSI, e-Governance
    • Protocols/Standards:
      • Protocols: CORBA, IPMI, SOAP, SNMP, Telnet, PPP, SSL etc.
      • Bus Protocols: RS32, RS422, RS485, I2C, USB, CAN, Ethernet, 1Wire, GPIO
      • Standards: TMF 814, 3GPP, NGOSS, Tech GR, ISO 8583
      • Mass storage (HDD): SMD (Storage Module Device), IDE, SATA, SCSI
      • Smart Card: ISO7816, ISO14443A, B, SCOSTA, JavaCard, Mifare 
      • Bio Metric (Fingerprint): ISO19794-1, -2
      • Communication: GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, Zigbee 
      • HDL: VHDL, Verilog HDL
    • OS/Framework/RDBMS:
      • OS: Windows, Linux (Android, Redhat, Monte Vista, Scientific Linux etc.) 
      • Java Framework: JMS, JMX, Spring, Hibernate, EJB, J2EE etc. 
      • Other Framework: Lab-view, Dot. Net, QT
      • RDBMS: MS-SQL, ORACLE, MySQL, PostgreSQL , SQLite etc.
    • Processors/Controllers:
      • RISC: ARM Core, PIC Controllers, MCS-51 core, AVR & DSP
      • VLSI: CPLD, FPGA Processors
      • Semi VLSI: PSOC
    • Analog:
      • Power: AC-DC, DC-DC (Buck, Boost Converters), SMPS
      • Control: Analog Filters, Power amplifiers, PID Controllers
    • Mixed Signal: Data Acquisition systems: High Speed/Low Speed Data Converters (ADC/DAC)
    Sedrapet R & D center (PUDUCHERRY)
    Edge at designing and developing:
    • SMD-E compatible hard Disk for data for message service station
    • PC based high performance electronic warfare sub-system used to monitor the electronic-magnetic signals around the equipment
    • ATE for testing of the modules of DAU & ADR
    • Linux kernel to support one CPU for multiple users independently as individual system
    • Encryption module for cheque truncation system to encrypt cheque image while transferring to central clearance house
    • PC power supply with built-in with UPS facility that runs off a tractor battery
    • Battery charging solutions based on solar
    • MIS solutions for banks based on MS SQL, MS share point portal & DOT NET framework
    Thattanchavady R & D center (PUDUCHERRY)

    The Pondicherry (Thatanchavady) Development Center is doing research on developing various Infra Structure Management products which target to manage any network and network elements remotely.

    Also we do HPC solutions by providing software suite to various industries\education institutes which helps to meet performance requirements and also computational solution to mission critical operations .Details of these accomplishments are:


    Network Management Solutions

    As any IT infrastructure need to be managed centrally and remotely for identify the network element, tuning the performance, diagnosing faults in the network and escalate continuously online by 24*7. Our product provides carrier grade system to manage and monitoring entire network and support customer for better management.

    Telecom Management Solution

    Managing Telecom network is most important for any Telecom Service Provider as it is more of customer orientated operations. Our product provides operational management system which near to live system for effective managed any telecom device. It performs Performance tuning, event tracking and provisioning of network elements

    High Performance Computing Solution

    Present industries as well as research organization does various computational oriented job for which required effective platform for building better results in less period. Our HPC Suite provides cluster deployment and management tools for getting required results.


  • Mumbai Development Center
    • The R&D unit was set up with an objective to bring ICT to Indian schools, which has been designed and developed for use in a classroom.
    • IWB and such technology products have made possible to move from chalk and talk classroom environment to more engaging environments, where technology can be combined with pedagogical and instructional sciences to deliver quality teaching.
    • The R&D team has worked in the past in creating high quality 3D content for school education.
    • The team has successfully created digital content and technology products such as multimedia digital content for school curriculum, content player, content management system and unique tool for teaching mathematics content.
    • In the past three years, the R&D unit has been able to cover most of curriculum for CBSE. However curriculum for state boards in India and higher grades in CBSE is still to be covered. This has been taken as immediate projects which the team is working on. This will help deploy the digital products, not only to CBSE schools but to state boards as well.