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Community Initiative

Eco Safe

We at HCL believe in building a symbiotic relationship between us the manufacturers, the consumers and the recyclers with the aim to promote integration and sustainability in our operations to have least stress on the environment.

HCL over the years has integrated and innovated products for its customer's giving key emphasis on product life cycle management, commencing from sourcing, manufacturing to installation and recovery at the end-of-life of the product to ensure protection of the environment, health and safety of all stakeholders.
In building a system to identify, develop and sustain the maintenance of an environment management system at corporate level we have formulated a program that we proudly refer as HCL's ecosafe. 
HCL's Environment Management Policy under HCL ecoSafe
The aim is to encapsulate knowledge, awareness, and key developments on all environmental issues faced by today's world and to incorporate these in HCL's operations assuring our commitment in delivering quality products, solutions and services 
The key objective under HCL ecoSafe is targeted at integrating environmental management procedures into its business processes thereby protecting the environment, health, and safety of all its stakeholders. HCL commits to manufacture products that are environment friendly in all respects and are free from hazardous chemicals.
HCL ecoSafe focuses on product lifecycle management to ensure that our products right from when they are manufactured, bought by customers, recovered at their end-of-life and recycled after useful life are done in an environmentally responsible manner.


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