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Product Highlights

HCL Infosystems Ltd. is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market, with its origins in 1976. For over quarter of a century, we have developed and implemented solutions for multiple market segments, across a range of technologies in India. We have been in the forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions. The highlights of the HCL saga are summarized below:

Product  Description 
Hand Held Terminal A mobile Hand Held terminal for usage in Financial Inclusion project with Biometric identification, online connectivity and Smart card based transactions
Thin Client A GUI based client for use in server based computing environment; Cloud Ready Thin Clients – A new series for supporting Cloud Infrastructure
PC Projector  A PC cum Video projection unit for use in schools and colleges
Kiosks  Touch screen based Self service Information and Transaction kiosks
Video Display Terminal (VDT)  Video terminal for users in Unix Machines; Motorola 68000 processor based design running at 10MHz.
Terminal Server A product to connect serial devices on the LAN network; NetARM processor based design running at 50 MHz. 
Key Board (Mechanical)  107 Mechanical Keyboard with switches with life of 50 Million operations; Got Microsoft HWQL certificate
OSS Tefilla MAGNet  Manage and Monitors all elements in the GSM Network of any Telecom Service provider – like, BSNL, MTNL, Indian Air force, only few MNC having this Software. Apart from revamping of code additional features likes  NGOSS compliance, Policy based system –SOA architecture, MPLS support, Static NE Modeling, Report builder etc.
NMS – Network Management Software (ITSM)  Manage and Monitors all elements of any IP network, OS, Data Base Neutral – Total IP will be Indian; additional features – Cloud enablement 
HCL HPC  HPC is today's’ Supercomputer Solution using off the shelf components. Additional features: Infiniband, parallel file systems support which is must for Petaflop class supercomputers; Grid enablement etc.
FIT-Embedded Micro ATM S/W for Financial Inclusion  Handheld based Embedded Application  capable of processing  Financial Inclusion Transactions with secured biometric authentications, smart card, printer, made especially for Financial Inclusion and under RBI, IDRBT, UIDAI etc. guidelines 
Disaster Recovery & Management Soft (PIDR, HDMS, ESMS, HAMS) PCs and Servers are going through Continuous Technology changes and providing Newerv, Wider, Faster Solutions and Experiences. It is thus imperative for all Manufacturers to Continuously Research and adds New Features, Upgrade Technology etc., so that we can successfully compete in market. Also native Indian PC’s with home grown software is of vital importance to Security and Defense Establishments to Prevent hacking. 
Bilinguality Bilingual, Tri-lingual software methodology to meet requirements of OLA, 1968
BancMate TBA,CBS, Pension, retail, SFMS, RTGS, FCS, FI, NREGA Total Branch Automation, Centralized Banking software, Pension Management system. Retail lending-score based, consolidation of Distributed and centralized CBS, Product for financial inclusion, Primary agricultural cooperative society, SFMS management system, RTGS management system, FCS management system, national rural employment guarantee scheme, remote access systems
Offmate, Offmate RTI Document Management System, RTI management system
HrMate (EmpSol) Human Resource Management
mBanc Mobile Banking
eVitran Proposal Tracking System, Public distribution system
ezTax Excise and Service Tax Management System
Cqure Credit Quality Review and management audit review
BancScan Enterprise wide MIS reporting system
TouchMate Kiosk Management System
BancR Banc reconciliation
iBanc Internet Banking
iATM ISO 8583 based Interface for ATM's
CallMate Call Management Software
HCL ME UI  UI components for HCL ME Tablet – Android Launcher, Widgets, Boot Animation sequence, Live wallpapers, Themes
HCL ME Apps Suite  App for syncing content with Desktop, HCL Touch
HCL ME OS  Android 2.3 based OS supported on HCL ME Tablets (Telco drivers, PC connectivity, Device updates, UI integration) 
HCL Order & Billing App  This app will allow tablet-based customer ordering and billing for restaurants and shops
Phone Appliance for Senior Citizens  To provide senior citizens with an easy-to-use phone interface
Medical Appliance  To help patients record medical readings such as blood pressure, blood sugar
Ambulance Appliance  To enable monitoring and reporting critical patient parameters 
SFA Appliance for BFSI  To enable Sales Force Automation for credit card agents, loan agents, insurance agents
SFA Appliance for Pharmacy  To enable Sales Force Automation for pharma sales representatives