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HCL Ecosafe

  • Management's Approach & Plans Undertaken

    The key objective under HCL ecoSafe is targeted at integrating environmental management procedures into its business processes thereby protecting the environment, health, and safety of all its stakeholders. 

  • Waste Management, Material and Energy Conservation

    We at HCL believe in building a symbiotic relationship between us the manufacturers, the consumers and the recyclers with the aim to promote integration and sustainability in our operations to have least stress on the environment. 

  • HCL's energy conservation initiatives

    HCL eco Safe Policy clearly recognizes the importance of products that are energy efficient and help customers cut costs of ownership and attain broader goals of protecting the environment. All our products have been incorporated with Green PC features and ACPI mode for power saving.

  • Chemical policy implementation

    HCL plans to achieve the following objectives in a phased manner to restrict the use of the listed chemicals:

  • FAQs

    Do you have a question? Or you just want to know more? Have a look at our FAQs section to get your answer or contact us for a specific query.

Contact Us

For all your queries regarding e-waste, please write to us at: ewaste.safe@hcl.in

call us at: +91 - 01202545604
Also, we have increased our e-waste collection sites to 24 sites. For further details of these locations, please click here


HCL Green Data Center Awarded the 1st Ever Leed Platinum Certification in India